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You can contact the friendly team at Waratah on 1300 927 282 for free friendly advice regarding your landscaping requirements or send us an email using the form below and one of our friendly staff will endeavour to get back to as soon as possible.

Terms & Conditions

Although we can not provide an exact time for delivery, we can provide estimated time windows. Unless a delivery has been booked in advanced for a requested time. For example: Am, Pm or between 8-9am.

Our preferred payment is credit card; however, we do not accept American Express (Amex).

There is a flat fee delivery per load which is determined by the suburb. Please contact us regarding the price of delivery to your suburb.

Some of our trucks have a divider, holding a max of 4t each side. The use of this truck will incur one delivery fee. Additional bulk items may result in an additional delivery fee. Our friendly staff will advise you of the delivery fees incurred.

When placing an order, we ask that you please consider the following:

  • If a particular truck is required, you are more than welcome to request a vehicle. Otherwise, a truck will be allocated depending on the size and suitability.
  • Please consider the environment of the tipping location. This includes but is not limited to powerlines, car ports, tree’s, and uneven land.
  • A minimum delivery of 0.5 T applies to bulk material orders. The pickup minimum is 0.25T of bulk materials.
  • Although you can suggest a location for delivery, it is ultimately at the driver’s discretion where it is tipped. This is to ensure safety and limits accidents.
  • Additional fees like crane lifts, manual handling fees and pallet fees may apply with block and paver orders.
  • As pebbles are a naturally occurring product slight variations may exist from each batch. Whilst every effort is taken to provide consistency in size, colour, and shape, it may vary. If you have any concerns regarding the variations of our current stock, you are more than welcome to request an email of a photo.
  • Whilst every effort is made to ensure your delivery is correct, discrepancies may occur. In the incident that a discrepancy does occur, please advise us within 24 Hours so we can rectify the issue.
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